Kettlebell workout


Build a strong body fast! Kettlebell workout for beginners

Get strength, power, endurance, full-body muscles, burn fat! Take unique 15 min. a day workouts with kettlebells

This workout complex has been made specially for the beginners. It contains four 15 minutes workouts. Each workout is recommended to do during 2-3 weeks, depending on your body. You take this 15-minutes workouts 3-4 time a week and get
impressive result! Why?

Because kettlebells offer unique combination of cardiovascular, strength and flexibility trainings. It is proven that 15 minutes of ballistic exercises with kettlebells are more effective then 25 minutes of running plus 20 minutes of strength exercises.

You start from 16 kg (man) and 8 kg (women), and move in practice step by step. First you make exercises with one kettlebell with both hands, strengthen all body muscles, second you learn how to work with two kettlebells. Then you learn how to do classical kettlebells exercises snatch and jerk, and finaly you make your first record.

  • Get strength and power of the body
  • Build beautiful body muscules fast
  • Burn fat
  • Save time and money. Take 15-minutes workouts 3 times a week and you do not need anything else
  • Step by step you can learn how to do the most complicated and effective kettlebells exercises

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