Sayezz Pilates Self-Practice Guide to Mat Fitness


Sayezz Pilates Self-Practice Guide to Mat Fitness Level 1&2

Challenge your core strength, flexibility, balance and flow even more deeply with this Level 1 & 2 Pilates course.

Hi! I’m Stephanie Yezek Jolivet, the owner of Sayezz Pilates & Beyond, a contemporary approach to Pilates, with over 20 years of movement experience not only teaching and practicing Pilates but dancing professionally, playing Division I lacrosse, training in competitive gymnastics and simply put, being an all-around movement addict (my most recent addiction is Tai Chi!)! I want you to live pain-free and integrate fitness in simple ways into your every day, so in this course, I invite you to build on the strength, awareness and balance developed in my Sweet Sixteen Fundamentals course. You begin by taking a look at what mind/body work and its principles mean to you, which will inform and perhaps surprise you. Then you move on to review your overall wellness and take note of it by filling out a Wellness Log for 7 consecutive days. Then you review the principles of Sayezz Pilates and basic anatomy, adding some new terminology and ideas to the latter. And of course, I will guide you through all the Level 1 AND Level 2 exercises, Tidbit choreography and give you an Action Plan to help integrate both into your every day so that you have something tangible to take away with and continue to practice after you finish the course. I want you to be successful in your health and fitness goals, so I give you all this in the hopes that you will be more ready to integrate awareness, fitness and healthy practices into your daily life. Plus, there’s my “Big 10” principles of Sayezz Pilates in the back of my mind during each of the 14 lectures: 1) harmony of mind, body and spirit; 2) increased focus; 3) stability as the gateway to mobility; 4) owning our unique and beautiful imbalances; 5) deeper breath control; 6) strength within anatomical alignment; 7) strength through opposition; 8) every movement counts no matter how large or small; 9) movement in all planes; 10) flow through choreography. The long, lean muscles are icing on the cake! All materials are © 2014 Sayezz Pilates & Beyond.

  • Challenge your core in new and fun ways
  • Take the Sayezz challenge of integrating fitness into your every day
  • Empower you to take care of your self
  • Challenge your notion of fitness
  • Practice LOTS of Pilates
  • Live pain-free by practicing “small, but deadly” movements in a safe, mindful way

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