Anatomy of Fitness – Yoga


Anatomy of Fitness – Yoga

Learn Yoga and improve your stamina, strength, flexibility and mental health.

Yoga is more than just an excellent form of exercise: it is also a spiritual and mental practice that can improve your mental outlook. Anatomy of Fitness: Yoga shows you how to build your strength and flexibility while improving your concentration and willpower.

Featuring a complete yoga program and 64 page manual, this user friendly course includes

  • A well balanced, flowing sequence of step-by-step poses
  • Comprehensive anatomical illustrations of the muscles used in each pose
  • Clear guidance on the correct form and what to avoid to ensure you’re working effectively and safely
  • Anatomical information and labels to complement the detailed drawings of the body’s muscle system
  • A bonus diary of practice with each pose to record and review your progress

The course also include a range of yoga sequences including Salutation to the Sun, meaning anyone can tailor a program to suit their fitness needs.

Improve strength increase stamina, and get greater control over your mind and body with Anatomy of Fitness: Yoga!

Well being!

  • Learn Yoga, Increase strength and stability.
  • Increase fitness and well being
  • Improve Concentration and Will power

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