Welcome to my website and thank your for visiting me!

My name is Ana Isabel Fernández Rubio and I was born in Santander (Spain) in 1967, so I´m currently 49 years old. I moved to Mallorca 22 years ago due to professional reasons. In 2010 I started working with network marketing, recommending high quality and natural products for health, well-being and body care.

Although for 2 years I was consuming the products, I did not really believe in the business until I realized that my colleagues were successful.

Then, I was aware of the enormous possibilities offered by this system and that everything depends exclusively on my personal effort.

At the moment, I generate passive incomes that have allowed me to say good bye to my previous job and dedicate myself to what I really like and enjoy the best: helping people to improve their health and quality of life, as well as to improve their economy.

I work with freedom, staying with my friends or meeting other people, at home or on the beach … and what is more important, I have time to enjoy my family and hobbies, I do not worry about retirement anymore.

Although initially “Club Anais” was created as a private space for my team members, it is now an open area where you will find recommendations, videos and information about the possibilities of this gorgeous business of the future, through referral marketing .

And, of course, if you are interested in being part of my team, just contact me. I can help you to create your own business, without investment, without risks and without previous knowledges.

Kind Regards and hope to keep in touch with you!


“Our business is founded on the premise of focusing on others to help them do better in life. Kindness, honesty, authenticity and respect are core principles that strengthen relationships and are values we hold dear”. – Lifeplus.







Bronce visits  2017:

  • 24th-27th january
  • 07th-10th february
  • 25th-28th april
  • 09th-12th may

Recognition 2017 Evening:

From the 1st November 2016– 31st January 2017, all new qualifiers bronze and above can qualify for this event. More Recognition2017 evenings to be announced soon!

Diamond Cruise 2017:

A Caribbean Cruise departing from Miami, march 11-18, 2017.

Top level training for Gold partners in Arkansas (EEUU):

  • 27th may-3rd june 2017
  • 17th-24th june 2017

Presentations in Mallorca:

  • First friday of every month in Santa Ponça
  • Free training for members every wednesday

(Check date and time or events in other cities)